Our Commitment

For all retail park projects, De Vlier engages in an ambitious quality certification policy, both on an environmental and on a societal level. This commitment is part of our intention to embrace an asserted logic of sustainable development.



ECOFRUN® is a concept based on an eco-charter drawn up by De Vlier that takes into account important concepts such as:

  • mobility
  • the energy performance of the building
  • rainwater and wastewater management
  • harmonious integration of the Retailpark within the urban area
  • associated landscaping

This eco-charter guides the design of all our European projects for retail parks.

Energy objectives are assocated with this environmental approach in order to anticipate the regulatory changes. Priority guidelines are developed in order to obtain a match between:

  • energy performance,
  • quality of use of the building,
  • the quality of maintenance and operation of the building,
  • limiting the environmental impact of the building, as well as better integration into the site.

These environmental guidelines are linked with other societal themes such as: management, material selection, health and well being, mobility, accessibility for disabled persons, sustainable management of water and biodiversity protection.


In developing all its projects, De Vlier remains attentive to national policies for creating environmental and social charters, country by country.