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The European De Vlier Group is enforcing local economies by constructing peripheral shopping clusters (Frun®parks).

Chaussures Lachapelle (Shoe Shop)

« It was with considerable enthusiasm that Lachapelle Shoes developed their new concept in a Frun Park. The result has been satisfaction of our clients and therefore for us too.  The reasons are simple.

The size of the surface area makes it possible to present our products attractively and makes it possible to offer a wider choice of products.  These semi-covered centres with a walkway protected from bad weather allow the customer to wander happily between the shops.  The panel showing the various brands means that when visiting the FrunPark the customers can find everything they need.  And on top of this, there is a car park nearby which is easily accessible. »


Carine Lachapelle - Chaussures Lachapelle

Chaussures Lachapelle CEO