Development and Management

Each FRUN®PARK development is divided into two steps:

1) development (design and construction),
2) operations (commercial development, management and maintenance of the sites).

These two distinct phases involve distinct and specialized professionals



The limited company DE VLIER RETAIL DEVELOPMENT supports the development of all FRUN®PARKS until opening.

Its missions are:

  • finding and acquiring adequate land in order to build of a shopping centre on the outskirts of cities,
  • selecting architectural firms to design and draw up plans for quality projects that meet the standards set,
  • the establishment of legal and administrative records for:
  • obtaining planning permission (building warrant),
  • obtaining socio-economic permits (operating license),
  • coordinating the various consultancy firms necessary to complete the building project (Environmental Impact Study, Study on the Energy Performance of Buildings, Study of Geo-marketing etc.),
  • coordination of marketing agencies,
  • coordination of construction and development of the site up until opening.


CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD en CBRE support the management of the mall after opening.

Its missions are:

  • administrative management of the site,
  • maintenance of the area around each site,
  • security of the site,
  • stimulation of the marketing dynamics of the Frun® PARKS (organization of events on the occasion of end of year festivities, Valentine's Day, return to school etc.) to boost customer loyalty in the catchment areas.
  • management of the "Traders Associations" for each park.


Our Staff at your Service

In order to meet the specific demands of each participant at each phase of the project, employees are present on the ground, country by country, region by region.

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