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The European De Vlier Group is developing the local economy of our regions by constructing out of town shopping centres for over more than 35 years.

Opening of the Hazebrouck shopping centre Frun®SHOPPING scheduled for August 2016

Opening of the Hazebrouck shopping centre Frun®SHOPPING scheduled for August 2016

The opening of the shopping centre crowns the urban redevelopment of

Hazebrouck town centre


Bruges, 8 June 2016 --- The new Hazebrouck (59) shopping centre Frun®SHOPPING will open in its entirety to the public on 26, 27 and 28 August 2016.

Eight new brands brought together within an innovative concept over 7,000 m2

Following the purchase in September 2015 of the former E. LECLERC building by the European promoter DE VLIER RETAIL DEVELOPMENT, the former building and the gallery have been completely restructured into a new shopping centre Frun®SHOPPING.

Consumers can enjoy the presence of eight brands over 7,000 square meters, including Tom & Co,  Chaussea, Kruidvat, Intersport and GiFi . DE VLIER will unveil the names of the latest brands to join the shopping centre Frun®SHOPPING over the coming weeks.

This project illustrates the expansionist strategy of the company DE VLIER in France and highlights the attraction of the brands to the shopping centre concept of Frun®SHOPPING, in development by the group for several years now. To provide a better experience, customers of Hazebrouck Frun®SHOPPING can benefit from the mobile app FrunApp.


 "A very important project for Hazebouck town centre"

The realisation of the shopping centre Frun®SHOPPING, rue de l'Epeule, will revitalise Hazebrouck town centre.

David LESAGE, deputy mayor of Hazebrouck, sees "a very important project for the town centre area, since it will enrich and supplement the existing area" and fits perfectly into the complete redevelopment of the commercial area covered by the municipality.

"The shopping centre Frun®SHOPPING's commercial offer will not only meet the needs of the inhabitants of Hazebrouck, but also the 101,000 community residents of the municipalities of the interior of Flanders which consists of 50 municipalities”, LESAGE adds.

In line with this goal, the shopping centre Frun®SHOPPING will share a car park with the new E. LECLERC Centre, thus enabling the site to be rapidly and reliably incorporated as well as providing an optimum reception for regional customers.